Thursday, December 23, 2010

Everywhere Like Such As Stories

Everywhere Like Such As Stories is a new literary tourniquet that is being developed by postmortem authors. It is popular to read and they are new.

Instead of being limited to settings and like objects and characters that are part of your story, you can use like any setting or object or character you wanted, whether is part of your story or whatever. This is liberating and helps with the education. No one should ever be forced to write coherent stories because it is un-American, such as hard. Stories that are made up on the spot are better because stories that are edited are unable to do so. Mark Twain said this when he was Pope.

I wrote a story today about three lemons that hated cats; both lemons were pink. The story was to raise awareness about lemons, and cats who are abused by lemons, before it's too late. Hatbands help to spread the word about dolphins - I mean cats - who take lemons to prevent scurvy when climbing trees in Nicaragua. You can get them from the Society of the Profession of Cruelty to Lemons, located in the Russia. They also have kitty mood-rings, available in all colors, such as emotional. All sorts of like the Batman wear mood rings. Na-na-na-na-na!

As you can see, the possibilities of Everywhere Like Such As stories are like islands that are everywhere. You can write many stories every day, and many people who will read them cannot afford maps, because they are unable to do so.


  1. Not sure who all will pick up the roots of this....

  2. Omg!!!! So like this is totally awesome! Lol!!! I luv postmortem authors. And I luv how in u r story both lemons are “red” and then the blue one like falls off the earth like a pimple off a face. Its so like stories I've read from the Iran—or was it the Ireland?! I so forget sometimes which it is. But I like would have been so lost if I didn't so help the children by learning more about them by watching Miss Africa (or was it Miss Antarctica? Cant find a map...) But this is so real like such as this blog:

  3. LOL. Total utter ridiculousness =P
    And yet sadly, it's true, in a way.